Virtual Field Trips and Career Pathways


Oh the places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

Who doesn’t love a field trip?! Everyone has a favorite field trip they have been on – whether with their class, an organization, or their family. Sometimes that field trip is life changing – you imagine yourself in the surroundings and accomplishing things you witness and think – this is what I would like to do! Field trips usually are close by, in your community or not too far of a drive. Right now, some field trips just aren’t possible due to the pandemic. We understand how important field trips are for learning as well as how much they can inspire creative ideas and actions – even dreams of a future career. So, like the Learning Resource Guide, we have gathered some great trips provided virtually from some great organizations to allow you to explore these exciting places and make plans to visit in person as soon as safely possible. A couple of quick points before you travel (virtually!):

• Some visits here are listed as Virtual Field Trips and some are listed as Virtual Visits. The difference is a Virtual Visit is something you can schedule specifically for your class, group, family, etc. and receive a personal tour or interactive experience. More information on how to schedule a virtual visit is presented in the resource link.
• We will be adding more experiences frequently, so be sure to check back for new additions. The revision date will help you keep track of any updates.
• If you have any issues with the links, or would like to add your resources, please email us at We would love to share a field trip to your organization!

Thank you to the great organizations who have put together these exciting adventures! Stay safe and well on all of your travels!

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Virtual Field Trips and Career Pathways rev. 11/20/20

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Thank you to these organizations for being leaders in their fields and for sharing education resources to the Community!