Help learners find their passion, chart their path, and change the world!

Your generous donation will go far to support programs that provide unique, equitable learning opportunities and experiences in STEM and the Arts for learners everywhere!

You can make a difference!

With your kind donation, together we can help learners and educators explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and the Arts by creating, supporting, and sharing learning opportunities and experiences both in person and online. 

By supporting WV All STAR... can help us:

Create educational resources and experiences like STEAM Trek and other programs that connect learners, educators, and our community partners to provide the support they need, including:

-Educator mini grants for classroom materials

-Student supplies

-STEAM Trek upgrades to improve student/educators experiences

-Student internships

-And more

Spark curiosity, compassion, and creativity with engaging programs that incorporate elements from both STEM and the Arts 

Improve accessibility, participation, and outcomes by providing a platform that allows learners to immerse themselves in a variety of STEM and the Arts experiences (e.g. virtual tours, lectures, lessons, games, etc.) curated by WV All STAR along with our community partner organizations and higher learning institutions that every learner has the chance to explore their interests and nurture their passion.

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