Exciting News!!  WV All STAR is excited to announce the launch of STEAM Trek – The West Virginia Virtual STEM and the Arts Festival!  Come visit, learn about, and play the web based educational game to explore many great resources, opportunities, and support material available to learners of all ages and educators inside and outside of the classroom shared from a number of great organizations around West Virginia and beyond, promoted in STEAM Trek!  To get started, click on the stamp below or visit our informational page here.


2019 Reaching for the Stars: The West Virginia STEM and the Arts Film Festival 

…celebrating communities connected through challenge, creativity, ingenuity, perseverance, and the strive for excellence

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Educational Programs  

… developing creative STEM and the Arts educational kits, curricula, and supporting materials to be distributed to classrooms, organizations, and individuals interested in exciting new learning experiences   Learn More



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Our Mission

Our mission is to create, support, and share unique learning opportunities and experiences that connect Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and The Arts in an accessible way, helping each of us to deepen our understanding of the universe around us and compassion for each other.  We believe deeply in the value of service and working together with our community partners to lift each other up to create a bright, sustainable, diverse, and equitable future.  Our work aims to encourage learners to find their passions and chart their paths, because together – our passions and paths can change the world.